tragicomedy | Franziska Pflaum | AT | 2022 | 92 min
Release: 07.07.2023
Annika, a supermarket saleswoman, dreams of the perfect mermaid fin. It would bring glamour into her chaotic world where her father moves back in with her, her girlfriend dumps her children on her and her potential lover no longer leaves because he is homeless. There are also plans to make savings in the supermarket and the shamanically trained branch manager is looking for potential lay-offs. But none of that matters: Annika needs the fin and it costs 2.458,- euro.

With: Stefanie Reinsperger, Julia Franz Richter, Karl Fischer, Nico Ehrenteit, Inga Busch and many more

Funding: ÖFI, ORF Film/Fernseh-Abkommen, FFW, Filmstandort Austria


Production Company Prisma Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH
● Viktoria Salcher, Mathias Forberg
Screenplay Franziska Pflaum, Christiane Kalss
Director Franziska Pflaum
DOP Robert Oberrainer
editor Friederike Hohmuth
Sound Department Gregor Manhardt
Music Anda Revertera
Moritz René Scharf
Art department Thomas Lehner
Rafael Loß
Costume Designer Johanna Pflaum
Make Up Chrissi Akbaba
Jasmin Simak
Production Manager Peter Schellnast
Bernhard Schmatz
Casting Isabell Krivanek
Distributor Filmladen Filmverleih