ELYSION - working title

in production / development
motion picture | Bernadette Weigel
ELYSION (Documentary)
Documentary / Varieté / Diversity - AT - Shooting 2018

An encounter with fascinating creatures from mysterious, glittering worlds. An old clown, lilliputian acrobats, an androgynous lion tamer, destinies of the side show, show girls of a very special sort, and a fully tattooed lady. Up close and one of a kind. The world famous Tiger Lillies host this filmic variety show, in which breathtaking stories of astonishing people are revealed. Let yourself be carried away to the island of the blessed, ELYSION.


Screenplay & Director Bernadette Weigel
DOP Christian Haake
Editor Petra Zöpnek
Sound Department Atanas Tcholakov
Art Director Alexandra Maringer
Costume Designer Christine Ludwig
Production Manager Klaus Pridnig